Sunday, May 18, 2014

They Had Pimento Cheese!

That title statement means nothing to those of you who were not raised in or around the South or had an aunt who made the most awesome pimento cheese from scratch. To those of us who fit one or more of those categories, it means a lot. 

To have this savory dish, for years I had to buy it at the store. Even though I have my aunt’s recipe, it takes forever to cook and cool (but Oh My, was it Delicious!!). So I bought a less than but still good product. And then one day, my local stores here no longer carried it, and I waited and it didn’t return and by then I had sort of forgotten and so didn’t ask them to carry it again and so I have been without for several years now. 

Yesterday Dean and I stopped in another store in another town around the lake and while I was looking for humus, there it was. Pimento Cheese!! Oh Bliss!!! I bought two little containers. Even had the discipline to calculate a portion with Weight Watcher points when what I really wanted to do was inhale both containers as soon as we got home. I waited none too patiently for supper time, measured my pimento cheese onto my bread and bit into delectable memories of childhood. I am having another sandwich tonight. I may even get out Aunt Mabel’s recipe and at least give it a look. I’ll let you know if that happens, Cuz! 

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AppsRUs said...

Living in the region where the product is endemic, we never lack for it. Our Costco even carries "Palmetto Cheese" a SC product with an extra bite. And stocks it by the case!