Friday, May 9, 2014

Another Wonderful Trip to Ashland

One of the great joys of this trip to Ashland is having Uncle David and Mame visiting ~ the reason that took me back so soon. And one of the joys of having them present is that Uncle David cooks and bakes and we eat like royalty. And Uncle David lets people help.
Owlet chopping carrots for a heavenly curried noodle dish.

Learning how to roll out pretzel dough.

~ and how to twist pretzel dough.

~ and how to hold it so it drops and gets a bit larger.
The pretzels were delicious! They had Kosher salt on them so were great by themselves or dipped in chocolate for dessert. And the chocolate was an  amazing learning for me: put some ordinary Betty Crocker milk chocolate frosting in a dipping dish in the microwave for a few seconds and have the best chocolate sauce I have ever tasted. It will become my regular chocolate sauce for ice cream, fruit or fondu dipping. I do want to see if there is a dark chocolate frosting. This is delectable, folks, and I highly recommend it. Lots of advantages to visiting family again.

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