Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the Fourth be with You!

Having learned this year that this date has been co-opted by Star Wars fans, I wish I had had that knowledge last year. Maybe we could have used some of that Force to fend off Dean’s accident. 

It’s been a year - a year ago today that he landed on the left side of his head and was out for what I have come to call the longest 3 minutes of my life. Recuperation has been good although at times slower than we might have wished. I have learned that lots can happen to you when you hit your head hard on concrete and pass out for a while. Over this year Dean has learned that his tooth was cracked and needed a cap from the trauma of the fall. Worsening hearing was caused by the same trauma. And we have both learned to be patient. Our bodies don’t heal as easily or quickly as they did and this may have been the worst accident either of us has dealt with. In the course of searching for accident pain, an ultrasound discovered a really lousy gall bladder so within 3 weeks of the accident, he also had his gall bladder removed. Not the easiest year. 

And ~ here we are, a year out, and he is feeling good, moving well, getting to ski some and we are holding our collective breaths that nothing shows up as things are liable to do a year out. May the fourth be with us indeed!

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