Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weight Loss Credit

When a product, even a well-known, already touted one, really, really works, it might be nice to say that. So ~ here’s to Weight Watchers, the way I have lost weight easily and with comfort. 

I like Weight Watchers for several reasons.
~ 1) no food is off limits if you can keep it within your point count
~ 2) measurements are easy being in cups, ounces or tablespoons
~ 3) record keeping is easy
~ 4) staff and other members are very supportive

1) I have a friend who tells me all the things she Mustn’t eat on her food plan. There is nothing I “mustn’t” eat ~ just food with very high point counts that I have chosen to avoid. This also means I can eat the same food as my family. I just measure out my portions. 

2) Measurements are easy. The same friend is told to “visualize” a golf ball size portion. Dear friends, do you know how quickly my golf ball would become a baseball, would become a basketball??? I need the discipline of 1/2 a cup or 3 ounces or 2 tablespoons. I did have to buy a food scale, but it was less than $5 at my hardware store.

3) I have used the online program this time and tracking food and activity is very easy.

4) If you go to meetings, the people are amazing. I find the online program difficult to navigate to ask questions or get feedback. I haven’t worried about it too much. Watching my weight line fall has been support enough for me this time. 

I have done the WW program twice, once years ago and once since May. Both times I started I lost 5 pounds the first week, a great motivation to keep going! It slows down after that and loss stays consistent even if small if you stay with the program. This time I have also been disciplined about maintenance. I am now at the age when weight goes on very fast and comes off very slowly. When I reached my goal weight, I decided I needed the continued discipline of the program. Do I track every bite these days? No. Am I Very aware of what I eat, how much and how often? Yes! And I record my weight once a week. Any variation and I return to my tracking discipline. 

Given my age, this has probably become a life-long process. Am I spending too much time thinking about food? I don’t think so. On the vanity side, I have dropped a size in clothes. On the health side, my cholesterol numbers have all moved in the right direction, gym exercises are easier, and I just plain feel better all around. Thank you, Weight Watchers!