Saturday, February 15, 2014

An Early Review

The other day a Great Courses catalogue arrived in our PO box. I had heard about this but had never explored or researched the program. As Dean and I both perused the catalogue, we became fascinated with all the courses offered ~ and by the fact that they were on sale: a Really Good sale! And so we took the plunge. 

The Great Courses are indeed great. I love my professor, my dvds and my book! The book is not a direct transcription but more like Cliff Notes. So after listening to two lectures last night, I went to the book and marked some of the particular places that had interested me and that I wanted to set in my brain. It is fascinating and I am enjoying it thoroughly. Also glad I am at the age where this is learning for my own pleasure and not for a test.

Of course an email arrived today with another great sale. It is hard to pass up a $320 item that is on sale for $50 and I think I have enough to occupy my brain for a while. I am learning more about a subject that has fascinated me for years: the ordinary lives of ordinary people in the ancient world. Dean will use this weekend to delve into Storytelling and Gardening (not in the same set). I am absolutely delighted with our purchases and believe we have established a new learning curve for ourselves. 


Mike Christie said...

I love the Great Courses. I buy the audio downloads of courses and listen to them on my iPod while I am out walking. I will also buy courses on DVD and watch on the DVD player on our treadmill when the weather doesn't permit walking outside. Their pricing policy is absurd. It makes no sense to buy a course unless it is on sale, but the good thing is that you rarely need to wait more than a month or two for a course you want to go on sale. But I am hooked, and the Great Courses are an integral part of my daily routine. btw - I really enjoyed the Garland everyday life course.

Tahoe Mom said...

:) Dean said he bet there would be another sale soon. I am really enjoying this one. I thought this was the program you had mentioned - Great Courses - but wasn't absolutely sure as it has been a while since you wrote about it. Garland is so good. Reminds me a little of my government professor. I love his dry sense of humor. With no one to laugh he just moves on in that quiet British way and you find yourself thinking, wait a minute. He just made a joke. I will share the dvds with the family at some point.