Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's a Topsy-Turvy Winter

It’s a topsy-turvy weather winter. Usually I am the one sending pictures of huge snows to my friends and family on the east coast while they send me pictures of daffodils and green grass. Not so this year. 
This is the back yard of my cousins’ B&B in Maryland where they have stocked up for the holiday weekend hoping that their guests will be able to make it. Airports are closed. The Federal Offices in DC are closed. People are being urged to stay off the roads. All this in an area that is not prepared to deal with this onslaught. 

On the other hand, here is our back yard ~ yes on February 13th in the middle of winter. Now we may have the best of both worlds right now as the latest storm brought Lots of snow at 7000 ft and over so that the ski slopes are great. Below 7000 ft. it brought rain and not much snow so as you can see the hill behind the house is brown again and the deck has about 3 melting inches and is easy to shovel. Not quite as much fun though as our usual:

Too much snow in the east and the economy suffers as businesses have to close, airports shut down, and only essential services stay open. Too little snow in the west and the economy suffers as the ski slopes have to close, the tourists don’t come and the largest retail time of the year goes bust. It is indeed a topsy-turvy year weather-wise. 

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