Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No "Just" to a Cold

Song cue: I’m reviewing the situation ~ *sigh* I have now had this cold for 8 days. For the first three I was sick, really sick. For the last 5 I have simply had a cold, sneezing, coughing, blowing and no energy. All this has meant no gym and only an occasional outing. This morning for the first time I woke feeling like I just might be able to go to gym if I did an easy workout, cutting way back on time and effort. The more I move around, however, the more my body says not yet, not quite yet. *another sigh* I would really like to go. And I am just not quite ready. My younger daughter has what I call sick eyes. I could tell she was not ready to be sent back to school by looking at her eyes no matter what my sense of school or the school officials thought. I wish she had inherited those from me but I guess not. I can’t look in the mirror and tell if I should go to gym or not. I have to do what I have always done and listen to my body. OK, OK, I am listening already! One more day without gym. 

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