Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Season is Over

Throughout this fire season, I have posted blogs, FB comments and pictures of son-in-law David flying a helicopter to fight fires. He has been all over California this season ~ one time "resting in place" meaning he didn't get to home just a few days off to enjoy the Pacific Ocean before flying again. And now if we are all lucky, fire season is over and David has piloted the main helicopter he has been flying back to home base in Montana.

If you watch it all the way through, David will wave at you. This may be the first time all season you have actually seen this very special person. This is taking off from a Yellowstone refueling stop.

Daughter Meredith is a writer and can write anywhere so she travels with him as often as possible. Most of the time she drives from site to site, sometimes even driving the crew van for them. On the trip from Sonora to Billings though, she flew with him and filmed the video ~ and she's smiling at you too. It's been a long season and they are glad to be home.

And we continue to be grateful for all of David's hard work, and the work of the ground crews, co-pilots, people who scheduled the work, everyone who kept many folks safe from fires all over the country this season. Thank you!


Mike Christie said...

You know how much I appreciate what David does, and I'm delighted that he and Meredith can head home. But yikes! Here in SoCal we're under a red flag warning Thursday through Saturday. The danger is not behind us.

Tahoe Mom said...

Oh my - well, I guess the CA folks think they can take care of it themselves without bringing in help from Montana. I don't know. For David, the season is over - unless it's not of course. Stay safe.