Monday, October 17, 2016

Rockin' and Rollin'

We spent the night at the McCloud Hotel. We drove to Ashland in a beautiful morning until the last 10 minutes of the drive during which there was rain and heavy fog. We arrived at our camp site to find it occupied. That worked out, we started to set up. The pop-up motor died and the crank stripped. Michelle's timely arrival with a ratchet wrench saved the day. A 20 minute set up process took 3 hours in the rain. We arrived at Michelle's at 1:35, Dean turned on the Cowboys' game and he wasn't allowed to watch it on his computer. Except he was supposed to be able to do that. A rather long phone call to whomever finally got him a new app and he settled in for the last half.

We left the house while it was still a little light but by the time we reached camp it was dark. We pulled the suitcases, food box and cooler out of the truck, got them in the camper and the rain started to Pour. And pour. And pour. When the rain stopped pouring. the wind started. The rain was loud, the wind was hard. I admit to being a little scared a couple of times. I came within a hair's breadth of calling Michelle and saying Come get me!!

The good thing was that Emigrant Lake is a plug in camp ground so we have electricity. For the first time we turned on the heat control on the bed. Sweet. In spite of the wind and rain, we stayed warm. Warm is good. Warm keeps the muscles from tightening up any more than they already have from nerves. Warm allows you to sleep when the wind and rain stops swirling around you. And ~ it was with a grateful smile that I looked out and saw this sunrise.

We dressed quickly, had some breakfast and headed to Michelle's.
It was also with gratitude I saw these smiles of welcome. 


Mike Christie said...

I think I would have preferred the B&B/hotel hybrid. But then the point of the trip was seeing family, after all. ;-)

Tahoe Mom said...

And last night was only a gentle, lull me to sleep, rain. And this morning the sun is out. Plus, we really didn't expect the rocking and rolling. I think the storm has gone now.