Friday, September 2, 2016

Lazy Random Thoughts

I'm avoiding moving too fast this morning. To keep from that, I am sitting on my window seat thinking about nothing in particular.

1) I "bought" a new mystery on Kindle. It combines mystery with crossword puzzles, one of my other favorite pastimes. Sweet. Except - oops. It's on Kindle. I don't know if I can do the puzzles or not. Well, it was free so no harm done I guess. I'll enjoy the mystery unless I have to work the puzzle to solve it.

2) How does the transition between elementary and middle school and between middle and high school cause young people to suddenly look years older? When my grands called after the first day of school, they both looked different, just a bit more mature, older, like something had already changed.

3) Why do new shoes make me so happy? Last time I ordered sneakers, I forgot to order Wide. I have spent some time in thinner socks and occasionally achy feet. Finally, finally I found the shoes I wanted, on sale!, and now have my wide sneakers. I am So Happy!!!

4) I am reading a book on medieval family life. If I had any specialty in history, it was the Middle Ages because I did a lot of work on the cycle plays. This is the first time in a long time however, I have read anything factual about that time period. It is fascinating ~ both the information and the fact that I am enjoying it again. 

5) And finally of course, my tea is gone, it really is time to put on those new shoes and move! First I will put on hiking boots which are better in the woods (at least until I am ready to allow my new shoes to get dirty on the trail). OK - here goes my day! ~ blessings on your way 

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