Saturday, September 3, 2016

Taco Flavored Filling

As promised (or threatened?) here is another recipe straight from Tahoe Mom's "what can we possibly have for dinner tonight?" file. We had just gotten home from camping. I had spent all day - literally - doing laundry. Dean had unloaded the camper and then gone to Reno for a meeting that didn't even start until 4. We had no idea when he would be home. When he called though, I had had an idea which he liked so I prepared it.

some ground meat (because you have some left over that needs using)
an ear of corn
a can of diced tomatoes
(optional: black beans)

Scramble the meat. Add corn and tomatoes and season with taco seasoning to taste.
Let cook on low until the liquid from the tomatoes is absorbed. You can make guacamole while this is going on.

Add shredded sharp cheddar cheese

The first night I thought it would be a nacho topping but we ended up dipping chips into it. Then Dean decided it reminded him of the texture of corn beef hash and he thought it would be good with poached eggs on top. So the next time I made it, I rolled mine in a tortilla and he had his with poached eggs. I had wanted the picture to show two pristine poached eggs on top - oh, well. We both loved what we had. I think you can do almost anything with this basic blending of good ingredients.

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