Tuesday, January 5, 2016

On the Eleventh Day ~

On the eleventh day of Christmas I am grateful for the gift of laziness. No matter how hard we work, we all have those moments of pure laziness when we can put our feet up and relax if only for a moment. I thought of this this morning when I slept in, an unusual occurrence. I woke to snow falling. For some moments I just lay there, enjoying the feel of the sheets, watching the snow, realizing I wasn’t going to make it to gym and probably not snowshoeing either. And I thought of this blog. How grateful I was to be able for a few moments to be lazy. 

Some of my favorite FB posts are from those friends who work really hard and then post about their joy on a day off or vacation or how good it felt to sit back and breathe. These times are often short. They are still precious. This morning the laundry looks like a mountain and the first load is in. I used some pots and dishes for dinner last night that cannot go in the dish- washer. They are piled in the sink waiting. And for a few minutes this morning, I was able to be restful and lazy and grateful for the gift. 

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