Saturday, January 9, 2016

Just a Little Peeve

I have a new peeve. Not a big one. Hasn't been around long enough to be a pet. Just one of those things that popped up yesterday and I realized when it had come around the first time, I do not like it.

Rebates are now coming in the form of a credit card. Size of the rebate is immaterial. $50 or $12, the size of rebate number two that was in the mail yesterday. Now I have to take the card and ask some clerk or server to use that card and then put the rest of the bill on my regular card. Maybe this is spread wide enough that they just do it with no question. I still feel strange having the transaction where I am not known. I much prefer to put a check in the bank and be done with it.

Like I said, a little tiny irritant. Silly. And there it is. ~ and if I am going to follow through with all my Christmas gratitudes, I'm always grateful for a little extra money no matter in what form it comes.

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