Sunday, September 14, 2014

Smoky Sun

== and all of a sudden there was smoke. One breath was normal, the next filled with smoke. There was fire. It was so strong that we actually looked around the house and then we noticed the sun. Wind from the west which had been blowing for several hours had brought smoke from a fire about 100 miles away. The sun was red, that intense color that smoke causes when moving between you and the sun. 

We are grateful it is not close to us. We closed doors and windows, made plans to eat inside at the dining table, and we all dealt with the effects: itchy eyes, raspy throats, and allergy headaches. The wind has stopped so maybe all will be well very shortly. And for this much smoke to come this far this fast, there are people and animals in harms way. Blessings to them. All we have to deal with is itchy eyes. 

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