Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rainy Day Chore

Several years ago - at least 4 because I know it was before hip surgery - Dean came home from a morning at yard sales with two very old, authentic Navaho blankets. We immediately knew we wanted to hang them in the bedroom. I rolled them gently and put them on a shelf and there they have stayed, out of sight, protected but never far from the front of my mind which has been wanting to get the bedroom painted for so long. And now it has been. And this morning is grey, damp and chilly. The perfect weather for an indoor chore.

Dean has a shop. The question is not "does Dean have" but rather "where does Dean keep his (any shop tool of any size you can think of)? He is handy to have around.

These have never been dyed but are in natural wool tones. They are scruffy and have holes in the them in places. They are perfect.

And they look beautiful on our walls. A job well done. 


Mike Christie said...

I love the blankets, and I love that you hung them on a curtain rod rather than attaching them directly to the wall. What really caught my attention, however, was the back pillow. I have one that not only is exactly like yours, but is the exact same color. The only difference is that mine is rather more worn than yours appears to be. I can't remember when I got it, but it was either the mid-1970's or the early 19980's. And it still gets used every evening.

Tahoe Mom said...

heheheheheh - yep that pillow is that old. Dean had one, I brought one with me. Mine is in the closet at the moment. Dean is using his even as we speak. And yes, they were all that weird blue. :D :D