Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yummy Birthday Lunch

Trinity turned 8 last week ~ and a family tradition is that the Birthday Celebrant gets to choose 1) what to have prepared for dinner or 2) where to go to eat. We went down and took them to lunch and Trinity chose her favorite Chinese restaurant, King's Buffet. I gave her a crown to wear so everyone would know she was the birthday girl. I'm not sure how much longer that sort of attention will be tolerated although her grandmother (!) has always been very blatant about it being "my day". We had a delightful time with the word "cute" being said several times by Grandpa.

Mama Susan and Grandpa on one side of the table.

Trinity, Michelle and Akira on the other. Dad Marc was working. 

Knowing it was her birthday, the owner (also a friend of the family) brought over a special birthday dessert: tempura-fried bananas with whipped cream, Jello and chocolate sauce. Yum!!! Big enough for all to taste and Trinity was generous in her offering. 

In front of the fish tank - beautiful large fish, beautiful family. 
As Dean and I comment often, especially when we have been with grandchildren, 
we are very blessed.

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