Sunday, November 27, 2016

Advent 1, 2016

Advent, a time of waiting. A time of anticipation. A time of Hope. This year more than any I have experienced in a long time, I am in need of Hope. Hope for Light in a time of darkness. Hope for Love in a time of hatred and bigotry. Hope for Laughter in a time of sadness and bewilderment. Hope for Peace in a time of threat. And so I light my first Advent candle knowing that even as I Hope, I must also live in the moment given me already claiming the promise of Hope for Light and Love, Laughter and Peace.
Blessings to you all ~  


Mike Christie said...

A perfect Advent 1 reflection. Thank you, Tahoe Mom.

Tahoe Mom said...

I really appreciate your affirmations, Mike. My church in VA asked if they could use it in their advent book ~ which may be just a little late coming out since yesterday was the first Sunday. :)