Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day One!

Over the last several years I have been envious of mothers and grandmothers who posted first day of school pictures of their families. I have had them of some of the grands with great regularity but none from Michelle. One day I realized why: as an elementary school secretary, she had already been in school a week or more before and on the morning of, she had been at school a couple of hours ahead of them. Ergo ~ no pictures. 

This morning that has changed. This is her first first-day-of-school morning as "just" a mom in a long time. And that is not all that is different. A different state meant school started today, the day after Labor day. How civilized. For the Owlet, it means the first day of school without mom (secretary), dad (kindergarten aide) or brother (two years ahead) anywhere in the building. For Puck, it means the first day of Middle School ~ still in 6th grade but moving on. The good thing is that all the 6th graders are new to the building, the teachers and the routine.

For the Tahoe Mom, it means a wonderful picture!

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